Sermon Series Illustration
This was an image for a sermon series that I created in multiple steps. The Pastor had a very specific image in mind so it took several mediums to put it together as exact as possible. Started with stock photography of a reflecting lake. The Pastor wanted a lone lounge chair seated near or in the water. He asked to have it be as simple as possible in order to signify being still and being one with God. After working with the photograph to make it a vector file, I was then able to mess around with the colors and hues. I finally was able to blend very specific words into the water at the Pastor's request. Finally, he wanted the title to look as if it was hand drawn, so once I found the font I was going to use, I basically repeated the same process all over again on the font before importing it in as a layer. This was the final result and used on sermon bulletins, posters and postcards.
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